Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kilimanjaro 2009

The Southern Terrain offers privately guided luxury climbs up Mt. Kilimanjaro. We take the conservative Machame route allowing ample acclimating time as well as a more scenic approach. We take your safety and security on the mountain as our top priority by checking daily oxygen saturation levels as well as provide doctors on specific climbs. Please check out our recent video from our June 2009 climb or go to our website at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grand Canyoneering September 2009

The Southern Terrain recently completed a Grand Canyoneering program exploring the remote canyons of northern Arizona. The program stages out of Page, AZ where The Southern Terrain's guides meet you before beginning the program in Matchbox Canyon.

The second day begins with a hike to Horseshoe Bend before heading off the beaten path into an exclusive canyon known as Tapestry Canyon. Our first rappel drops us 200 feet into the canyon beginning our full day of rappelling all the way to the Colorado River. Our final rappel drops us onto the sand of the river where our kayaks are ready for a short paddle to camp.

Our final day involves a 9 mile float / paddle down the Colorado River with a brief stop for lunch on the beach. It was a privilege to have 3 wonderful ladies who were excited and enthusiastic the entire time. To see the video from this program please go to