Monday, April 12, 2010

Grand Canyoneering

The Southern Terrain recently returned from an amazing adventure through the canyons of northern Arizona. We have some great images to share with everyone. The group enjoyed a beautiful day through Tapestry Canyon with a 200 foot rappel into the heart of the canyon. We continued through the canyon reaching the water section. The group, being very athletic, was able to avoid all the water except for the final section when everyone dipped in and experienced the chill of canyon water.
After making it through the canyon we reached the Colorado River where we had a great lunch set up on the banks in the sand. We loaded into the kayaks and started on our 10 mile paddle. We paddled through the canyon enjoying the scenery aiming to make it all the way back to Lee's Ferry before sunset. The group was strong and paddled the entire length in a record time of 2.5 hours.

We concluded the day with ribs and baked potatoes for dinner at the Cliff Dweller Lodge. The following morning we packed up our gear and headed cross country to South Canyon and the less travelled "UPS" route. This remote trail is the ideal way to see the canyon and find yourself in complete solitude. Congratulations to a wonderful group.

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