Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out of The Office in Big Rock Lake Perris

In the day to day hustle of running a company things continuously come up and it seems like you never have time to sit back and enjoy what you're doing.  Over the past few months Kevin and myself have tried to start spending at least one day away from the office and guiding to go out and explore something new, something exciting and something that has potential to offer to our clients. 

This is very difficult to do at times but we've been successful over the past few weeks at finding some pretty sweet climbing spots to take clients and even corporate groups for team building activities.  This past Friday we took a hunch from one of our guides Joshua and headed up to Riverside County to an amazing area that looks out over Lake Perris.  We walked the 3/4 of a mile to the site and the clouds had everything socked in pretty good as we began getting gear sorted and putting on harnesses.  As we began climbing so did the clouds and the sun poked out revealing an amazing view of the lake and a lone bald eagle keeping a watch on us as we ascended the 200 foot high rock face.

After a few warm up climbs, Joshua and Josh (yup confusing huh?) began up on a multi-pitch climb followed by Kevin and myself.  This was my first time back climbing since having major hip re-constructive surgery so I was slightly hesitant but extremely happy with the results by the end of the day.  We had a killer climb up with a nice traverse followed by another awesome crack climb.  We ended the day with a sweet 120 foot rappel down. 


So enough about all the fun we had at Big Rock on Friday and on to what all you guys want to hear about.  After our exploratory climbing session we've decided to move forward and establish a program here.  This will be a great opportunity for anyone from North County San Diego, Orange County, LA County and Riverside County to do some amazing climbing.  Big Rock offers very long but moderate routes that will be great for every skill level.  Within the next two weeks look for this to show up on our website ( for climbing sessions and also private instruction will be offered.  The same rates will apply as for the other sites we climb at and we will provide all necessary equipment and instruction. 

On a side note, we're going to make a commitment to blog at least once a week so stay tuned......


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via #constantcontact

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via #constantcontact